I have been fascinated by cinema and filmmaking since my childhood, when I made my own rough movies using a clunky VHS camera. I continued filmmaking throughout high school and college, and even aired a music video produced on MTV.

I decided to attend SCAD for my graduate studies to fine-tune my technical skills, get industry experience in filmmaking, and expand my portfolio beyond music videos and short films.

In my time at SCAD, I pursued many other new learning experiences. I interned for Fox, tinkered with stop-motion animation, worked on Fox’s “Give Me My Reality Show” and directed and produced a TV pilot for Kel Mitchell of “Keenan and Kel” fame. I also established a steady client base of local musicians for my music video production company, VinArk J Motion Pictures.

I now reside in Phoenix, Arizona and fly regularly across the country to produce projects; from Television commercials to campaign videos and broadcast Television shows. 

If you broadcast excellence, people are going to want to be excellent. I want to portray that message in my work.